Unlocking the Power of Microalgae

ABA is leading the way with its breakthrough alga production technology, offering delicious, affordable and sustainable protein for your products, the people and the planet.

why microalgae?

Providing Sustainable Solutions

Microalgae is essential due to its versatility and potential in addressing critical global challenges, offering sustainable solutions for food, renewable energy, and environmental conservation.

about us

The Company

ABA utilizes microalgae’s potential to create premium natural ingredients for health and wellness. Our expert team cultivates patented algae strains…

Our technology

Cascade Raceways

Our technology, strategically utilizes aspects of both open ponds and PBRs to create a more efficient and cost-effective algae production system…


Exploring Algae's Limitless Possibilities

Algae’s enigmatic biochemical properties offer a bounty of applications across industries. Across sectors spanning sustenance, biofuel industry, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, food & nutraceuticals, wastewater treatment, bioplastics & biomaterials, animal feed & aquaculture, algae weave an intricate tapestry of contributions. Spirulina and chlorella, among others, enrich diets with a plethora of proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants, while also gracing skincare and cosmetics with their moisturizing and anti-aging allure.

our products

Algae-Enhanced Products

ABA is proud to present a unique range of products that harness the power of algae, a sustainable and nutrient-rich resource, like biostimulant, beverage and pasta. 

Plant Biostimulant

Algae-based biostimulants are emerging as a revolutionary solution for the sustainability of agriculture. These natural products are derived from various species of algae and are known for their ability to enhance plant growth.



Our beverage are crafted from marine algae, such as spirulina and chlorella, which are renowned for their dense nutrient profiles, providing an easily absorbable and convenient source of the vital nutrients.


Our pasta is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, particularly vitamin B12, iron, and beta-carotene, including all essential amino acids, making it an excellent protein source for vegetarians and vegans.

Enhance the quality of food

Algae's Nutritional Potential

At our algae-focused company, we’re dedicated to leading the way in the future of food. We specialize in offering plant-based product solutions that taste great and are good for the environment and your wallet. Using our high-quality algae solutions, we help create delicious foods that people love while also being eco-friendly and cost-effective. Join us as we change the food game with innovative algae-powered superfoods, one step at a time.


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